Bulk fuel tank options for farmers

Fuel costs can be one of the biggest expenses for farmers and agricultural enterprise. Sourcing high-quality fuel and building a relationship with a bulk fuel supplier is critical to keep the farm moving. If it is important to have a regular on-site supply for your business, a farm fuel tank can be a good option. […]

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Australian wool prices benefit from international demand

Surging international demand has seen Australian wool skyrocket to prices not seen in years.

Victorian Farmer Tom Spielvogel said he has been fetching up to $50 a kilo.

“I have sold a few bales recently at very good prices – $40 and $50 a kilo – they’ve been the ultra fine ones, the 13 and 14s”, he […]

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Barley genome breakthrough to be a boon for Aussie farmers

The success of a project which aimed at mapping the entirety of the barley genome will be a boon for Australian barley producers. […]


Young people in agriculture and what they think is important

At the current time, the average age of an Australian farmer is 58 years old. As Australia’s farming population begins to age, there appears to be a deficit in the number of youth stepping in to fill the gaps.


Since the 1980’s, the population of Australian famers has gone down by 40%, leading many to wonder […]


Australia Set for Record Harvest

Ending the year on a high, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES) has released its forecast for the season and it shows Australia is on track to record its largest grain harvest ever.

The revelation comes at the end of a year which ABARES has described as being generally favourable to […]


The best ways to help farmers in drought

35 Queensland councils are drought declared as of January this year. While December saw above average rainfall in some areas, many farmers are still struggling to make ends meet in what seems like a never-ending drought.


At any time in Australia, a farmer somewhere is likely coping with the consequences of drought. Fields that were once […]