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Bulk fuel tank options for farmers

Fuel costs can be one of the biggest expenses for farmers and agricultural enterprise. Sourcing high-quality fuel and building a relationship with a bulk fuel supplier is critical to keep the farm moving. If it is important to have a regular on-site supply for your business, a farm fuel tank can be a good option. […]

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How fuel cards work, and how they can help reduce fuel expenses

For businesses with a single company car, all the way up to those managing a fleet of vehicles, the cost of fuel can be a significant expense. Accounting for these costs can be time-consuming and difficult to track in detail. Companies in the agriculture, transport, construction and resource industries can use large amounts of fuel […]

How a bulk fuel solution can save you money

Fuel costs can be a significant and unpredictable expense for many industries. About three quarters of fuel sold in Australia is to commercial and industrial customers. From agribusiness to civil engineering, to transport, aviation, and marine enterprise – finding a reliable bulk fuel solution can be the key to saving money and making the most […]

Fuel Technologies and the Future

The fuel industry is always changing. As technology advances we are finding new ways to fuel our lives. Today we are looking into the future of fuel technologies and how incorporating this new technology could change the way fuel is used. Here are some exciting new technologies that that we could all be using in […]

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4 Tips to Help Reduce Fuel Wastage

Wasting fuel can be a costly mistake. As your business continues to grow it is increasingly important to do everything you can to save money. Keeping down fuel consumption is a vital strategy, allowing you to help reduce your costs. Taking this into account, here are OilCorp’s tips to help reduce fuel wastage and save […]

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