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Essential housekeeping tips to maintain bulk fuel tanks

There are many benefits to bulk fuel storage. However, to fully reap those benefits it is critical to properly maintain bulk fuel storage tanks. Even using high quality fuels, or regularly maintained vehicles will not prevent lost time, money and damaged equipment from a bulk fuel tank that has been neglected.
Keep water out of the […]

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The benefits of on-site refuelling

For businesses with a lot of vehicles, machinery, or equipment, sending employees off-site to refuel can be costly in wages and administration. It also means unpredictable quality and fluctuating fuel prices. On-site refuelling allows the business to minimise down-time and keep operations moving. Agribusiness, civil engineering, transport, aviation, and marine enterprise can all maximise profits […]

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How fuel cards work, and how they can help reduce fuel expenses

For businesses with a single company car, all the way up to those managing a fleet of vehicles, the cost of fuel can be a significant expense. Accounting for these costs can be time-consuming and difficult to track in detail. Companies in the agriculture, transport, construction and resource industries can use large amounts of fuel […]

How a bulk fuel solution can save you money

Fuel costs can be a significant and unpredictable expense for many industries. About three quarters of fuel sold in Australia is to commercial and industrial customers. From agribusiness to civil engineering, to transport, aviation, and marine enterprise – finding a reliable bulk fuel solution can be the key to saving money and making the most […]

Diesel or Petrol: which is right for your boat?

So you’ve decided to buy a boat. Whilst you have a lot of decisions to make that will impact your time on the water, few are as important as whether you’ll go with a diesel or petrol engine. Decades ago the choice was easier – the difference was far more pronounced– but nowadays the two […]

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What fuel solution is best for your business?

If you haven’t tailored a fuelling solution for your business, you are missing out. Recent figures show that Australian’s use as much as 31,839 million litres of fuel a year, and every business is different so a tailored fuelling solution is a critical part of reducing fuel costs and increasing productivity.

No two businesses are the […]

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