Premium Unleaded

Premium Unleaded 95

Premium unleaded 95 is a higher performance petrol that can be used in standard 91 unleaded vehicles to vehicles manufactured and designed to run on a minimum 95 octane fuel (such as some imported vehicles). Premium 95 unleaded will increase fuel efficiency and help promote easier starting of most vehicles .

E10 Premium 97

E10 Premium is blend of 95 premium unleaded and 10% ethanol increasing the octane rating of the fuel to 97.

Drive 98

Drive 98 is a high performance fuel designed to promote increased performance, engine cleaning properties and less pollution.

Benefits are more kilometres per tank and a better overall vehicle performance .

Unleaded E10


OilCorp supplies unleaded petrol that meets the Australian fuel quality standards.

The octane rating is a minimum of 91 Ron.

E10 unleaded

OilCorp supplies a blend of 90% unleaded and 10% ethanol known as E10.

This blend increases the standard octane rating to 94 Ron and is suitable for most modern petrol vehicles.