Oil Shale

We are committed to sustainably developing our projects to meet Queensland’s growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

World Class

OilCorp has a 100% interest in three significant and world class oil shale projects in North West Queensland, Australia.

These currently undeveloped projects contain one of the largest high grade oil shale resources in Australia and are globally significant deposits with resources estimated at over 7 billion barrels of oil.

Our Values

OilCorp is an established oil shale company, sustainably developing world class projects in North West Queensland.


Respect must be earned. It is established through honesty, transparency and a professional approach to conducting our business.


We value the safety of our employees, stakeholders and community in all avenues of our business.


The environment is a major stakeholder in our projects. The development of our projects is subject to best practice environmental regulation.


We understand the importance of Queensland’s agricultural and resources industries, both of which bring prosperity and security of food and energy to Queensland and broader Australia.

Current Projects

Our current projects are located north of Julia Creek, which is located on the Flinders Highway, approximately 650 km west of the Queensland coastal city of Townsville, and 255 km east of Mt Isa, a major base metals mining centre and agricultural hub. The oil produced will be refined into fuels for the agricultural, transport, aviation and mining industries. These projects are economically significant for the region and State of Queensland. High environmental standards will govern future development of the resources.

Debella Project

  • Located 60km north of Julia Creek.
  • World class, high grade JORC and SPE-PRMS Code compliant Resource of 1,009 – 1,324mm bbls.
  • Shallow resource from 21m, suitable for open cut mining.

Utah Project

  • Located 60km north west of Julia Creek.
  • JORC and SPE-PRMS Code compliant Resource of 1659 – 2,034mm bbls.
  • High grade and shallow resource suitable for open cut mining.

Arizona Project

  • Located 80km north west of Julia Creek.
  • JORC and SPE-PRMS Code compliant Resource of 3,107 – 3,881mm bbls.
  • High grade resource with majority of resource suitable for open cut mining.

Environment and Sustainability

Protecting and preserving the environment is an unreserved priority for us and we take this responsibility very seriously. Like all mining activities, some of the biggest questions people have about oil shale are about the environment. What are the likely impacts? How much energy does it use?

These are all good questions.

Technology being developed today are focussing on environmentally sustainable development. We are working closely with technology providers to improve processes to minimise land and water requirements and reduce carbon emissions.

Our aim is to go beyond the permitting and environmental standards. To do this, we require a thorough understanding of the environment in which we operate. We ensure all our employees and contractors operate in an environmentally responsible manner, and adhere to our environmental, Health & Safety and Community Policies.