OilCorp is proud to stand by all of the fuel products that it currently sells in the Australian marketplace which are all fully compliant with the Australia Fuel Standards as set (or as varied pursuant to any Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 Section 13 approval/s held by OilCorp). Should any damage or failure occur to your vehicle’s engine resulting solely from your use of our fuel products then OilCorp undertakes to reimburse you for the cost of resulting workmanship and replacement component/s for your vehicle.

Please note that our undertaking is conditional upon:

  • The use of any of our products in your vehicle being in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • Your vehicle having been regularly maintained in accordance with your vehicle’s manufacturer’s recommendations;
  • Notice being given of the alleged damage and/or failure within forty-eight (48) hours;
  • Two (2) litres of our fuel product must be retained and supplied for testing purposes; and
  • Investigation and verification by OilCorp, or an agreed independent testing facility, that our fuel product was the cause of the reported damage and/or failure (this will include a physical inspection of your vehicle and/or the allegedly damaged component/s which must be retained).